Certificates of Ningbo MoreBoard Office Supplies Co.,Ltd, Whiteboard, Dry Erase Board, A Frame Board, Blackboard, Chalkboard, Cork Bulletin Board

    MoreBoard Whiteboards is Whiteboard, A Frame Board, Blackboard, Corkboard, Chalkboard, Flip Chart, Bulletin Board, Feltboard, Notice Board, A Board, Display Mobile Board, Pin Board, Post Board, Folding Board, Dry Erase Board, Magnetic Whiteboard, Drawing Board, Enamel Whiteboard,Whiteboard Supplier,China Whiteboard, Combination Board, China manufacturer.

Certificates .

Certificates Of Whiteboard, Dry Erase Board, A Frame Board, Blackboard, Chalkboard, Cork Bulletin Board, Felt & Fabric Board, Message Board , Pin Board, Flip Chart, Display Stand Products Wholesaler,China Manufacturer.

Basic Information

Company Name:Ningbo MoreBoard Office Supplies Co.,Ltd
Address:Floor 5 ,Block A, C&E Center, NO. 181, HuiZhan Road, NINGBO, CHINA
Contact Person:Selina
Fax: 0086-574-87842256
Mobile Phone:+86-015957873061

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